VIDEO: How To Ditch Negative Self-talk, Be Your Own Positive Chick


Negative self-talk can kill your self-esteem and confidence. And yet millions of people around the world are still suffering with this self-destructive thought pattern. It’s a dangerous habit that keeps people stuck from shining their light and keep them in the dark. It’s paralyzing. It sucks. It’s holding you back from living the life that you love.

I get it sometimes we are our own number one worst enemy. Negative self-talk can drain all your positive energy leaving you in a messy world of self-doubt. In this video, I share a few tips that you could put apply in your life right now and see little shifts– positive shifts that will bring you to a place of joy and increased self-confidence so you can be your own Positive Chick. Do you need a boost of positive energy? Are you ready to become your own Positive Chick?  Check my personalized coaching sessions: