How to Know and Find Your Strengths in 3 Steps

Young determined businesswoman breaking glass with karate punch

Life can be hectic at times. Each day brings new challenges, problems, stressors, worry, anxiety, and negativity. But we are not going to talk about what is not working in your life today. I’m talking about celebrating your strengths and accomplishments. If you’re like me, growing up was all about winning, competing, to be the best, to excel in everything you do. If you are not winning, then, you are a loser or worse, a failure. It can be difficult to understand and process for a young kid. The moment maturity came into play, I discovered that life is not about who’s on the top or who’s first, who’s the prettiest, smartest, richest, who’s the best. It’s all about focusing on our unique abilities and God-given talent so we can become the best version of ourselves. So we can encourage and empower others to embrace positive change. Think about this for a second….What if your ‘failure’, ‘past mistakes’, ‘difficult and annoying people’, and of course, those ‘negative peeps’ were actually placed in your life to serve as your greatest teachers? Try these three steps now to celebrate your strengths and accomplishments.

1. Focus on curiosity.

You are an amazing person, you have gifts and talents that you can look into right now. Shift your focus on curiosity. Be an active participant in your own life. Get excited. If you don’t know them yet it’s okay, you’re about to discover them slowly but surely. Focus on the things that you are good at not on your weaknesses. Do you even have the chance to use your strengths each brand new day? Let me take a guess, not a chance. You are told to focus on fixing your weak points instead of discovering and developing your strengths. It’s time for you to find your strengths, own it like you mean it, and flaunt it for the world to see –not to brag but to bring inspiration and motivation to someone who might need it.

2. Decide to do only the things that spark joy.

This may sound counter-intuitive but trust your gut. The moment you decide to do only the things that spark joy is freedom. You can pretend to like what you are doing now because it’s comfortable, familiar, and you’re used to it. But if you are not happy with anything that you are doing. You could get stuck in misery, complaining, being negative and it will only hurt you and your loved ones in the long run. Decide now to focus your energy on the things that make you positively happy! It’s time to let go of any unfinished projects, plans, even material things that block your happiness and growth. Start to think of the things that make your soul happy and start asking the right questions, too. Do you love to write, dance, sing, paint, create jewelry, go to the spa? Go ahead ask yourself the right questions and be open to new possibilities.

3. Celebrate small progress.

To celebrate is to do something after reaching a goal (i.e. losing weight, closing a deal, and passing an exam). But before you roll your eyes and tell me that you haven’t reached anything massive in your life. Think again. Look at your small progress and be A-okay with that. A client told me that her life has changed and how our coaching sessions helped her focus on the things that she wants to pursue, she realized that her mindset needs rewiring that includes changing her habits and knows that positive transformation is a process and it takes time. She’s very happy and grateful now that she can start celebrating her small successes. It’s time that you give yourself credit for the hard work that you’ve done. And yes, I am proud to help my soul sisters transform, and become their own Positive Chick.

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