How To Change Your Vibe So You Can Share Your Positive Chick Energy Around You



Your time has come and it’s your turn to say adios to negativity. When you ‘spring clean’ your mind from all thoughts of negativity such as –fear, worry, self-doubt, anger, feeling of lack, bitterness, unforgiveness, and toxic emotions, you create a vacuum that activates God’s blessings to be manifested in your life — career, relationship, health, and wealth.

When your personality is in complete harmony with your soul’s purpose or calling that serves the need of your tribe….Voila! That’s when AHA moments happen. When you finally decide to shift your focus and energy to the positive side, you finally step into a place of abundance. It’s a life where you feel peace, possibilities and positive energy.

You cannot think negative and expect positive results.

Like energy attracts the same energy. 

Negative Chick Mindset    —>   Negative Results

Positive Chick Mindset     —>   Positive Results 


Sick and tired of all the NEGATIVITY around you (i.e. negative self-talk, bad habits, negative and toxic peeps in your life)

Running around and spinning your wheels due to OVERWHELMING responsibilities (i.e. family, friends, personal projects, career, and those pesky bills)

Stressed, feeling depressed, struggle to overcome procrastination and perfectionism

Struggling with anxiety, fear, worry, negative thoughts and losing the motivation to pursue your dreams

Afraid that you don’t have enough money to pay your student loans, credit card debts, mortgage, because you live paycheck to paycheck


               If you answered YES to the questions above…You’re in the right place! YAY!



 Visualize a very clear picture for the kind of Positive Chick you’d love to become, and design a roadmap to your positively ever after’

Together we’ll to uncover ‘possible hidden answers’ why you’re stuck in the land of ‘Negativity Ville’ 

♥ You’ll leave the session, feeling positively recharged, renewed, and empowered to take massive action to changing your mindset 

My name is Hazel Fernandez. I’m here to help you say adios to negativity, so your soul can shine and be your own Positive Chick.

Grateful for my degree in Public Administration because it led me to try different things in the corporate world — sales training, customer service, direct sales, and life coaching.

Honestly, I spent three decades of studying human behavior, psychology, so I can finally, say adios to negativity — bad habits, change old limiting beliefs, let go of toxic and negative peeps, including my own ‘inner critic’, master my own Positive Chick Mindset and protect my energy so I can attract my tribe, help YOU change your vibe, so your soul can shine and bring positive change to our planet.

My journey to saying YES to having a Positive Chick Mindset took me years to master and I’m consciously working on it every day. “When you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelou


But first, let’s make things clear before we can even begin working together. Our coaching session together is positively charged with fun, uber easy actionable steps — cut into bite size pieces so you won’t freak out or run for the hills.

Here’s the dealio, I also added a dash of spicy tough love in my style of coaching. You gotta be 100% committed to doing your part of the work. That means I can only help YOU if you commit to your own success. Capiche?


Remember, I got your back sweet, soul sista’. It’s all about keeping you accountable for the positive results YOU want to manifest in your life by saying adios to every negative vibe and shifting your focus, and energy, so YOU can imagine, sense, and feel positive results.

Will you invest in a bright future that screams more positive attitude, abundance, peace, living a life of purpose, prosperity, healthy choices, love, and help bring positive vibes to the world?