Work With Me Chicky

Are you a POSITIVE CHICK who has done some serious soul work aka inner work?

Are you ready to break up with negativity? (limiting beliefs, negative suggestions/nasty comments you were conditioned to believe since you were a little girl?

Do you struggle with that inner self-critic, self-sabotaging behavior that’s holding you back from becoming your own Positive Chick?

Are you tired of being sick and tired of having to live through another ‘Groundhog Day’, aka doing the same thing over and over again… but you are not happy with your mediocre outcome?

Are you overwhelmed with life, beating yourself up because you’re not getting the results you want?

Are you tired of procrastinating, fighting against negative thoughts that’s making you feel like crap, feeling like you can do more but you just don’t know what to do with your spiritual gifts, talent, afraid that you if you do show up in the world— you will be rejected, judged, criticized, that you just want to hide under your blanket?

Are you feeling ADD-ish, a chick who’s feeling like you don’t belong because you think differently than others, do you feel alone in your own little crappy world because no one cares about what you think, not good enough, smart enough because you were told that you were too spiritual, sensitive, and super creative?

Are you willing to show up and follow a step-by-step action plan to produce the results you want and commit to change so you can get past old habits during our coaching sessions?

Are you 100% ready to invest in yourself, so your soul can sparkle and have a Positive Chick Mindset for life?

If you answered YES to these questions… keep reading! I see you, feel you, and hear you crying inside. And I’m here for you. You don’t have to feel alone. Allow me to hold your hand. I totally understand how you feel… Because I was once in your shoes before… And yes, it sucks! But… You have a choice to reach out for help. Ahem! That’s where I come in.

Change is hard when you’re doing it alone. It doesn’t have to be that way, soul sista! It sucks. You’re frustrated. The only difference between a negative mindset and positive mindset is your ATTITUDE. Break up with negativity so you can live happily, positively, ever after. The reality is you can’t have a negative mindset and expect positive results. Want to have a Positive Chick Mindset? Book your session now.

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Pricing and Packages

Here’s what to expect after making your payment

Even though I encourage you to sign up for one of out of the two discounted packages above instead of the 1-on-1, the latter might be just the thing for people that need a little “pick me up”. If you need a longer-term solution, please check out the two other packages. I believe that the best way to change your deep-rooted bad habits is to invest a minimum of 3-months together, so that I can walk you through the positive changes and offer continued support.

My goal through my life coaching sessions is to help you find the root behind your lack of enthusiasm or drive or happiness in your life and provide you with the tools and support, to create a new reality for yourself filled with whatever goals you set for yourself.

I’m a happy person who loves helping people and changing their lives for the better. I expect that you will be a happier, more optimistic, person after our sessions and with the tools given to you for continued success in your life. My goal is to bring positivity back in anyone’s life who wants it. Do you want it?!

Once you make your payment, you will be asked to set up your appointment dates right afterwards.

Disclaimer: If you already have pre-established psychological problems, I cannot help you through that. I recommend finding a professional therapist in your area. If it’s established during your sessions that you have a deeper psychological issue(s), I reserve the right to stop our sessions and refund you any prepaid money for sessions left uncompleted.


Shawna Lis Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"Through the implementation of such principles as the law of attraction, Hazel was able to transform her own life and state of being while becoming her own shining example of a Positive Chick. Through her uplifting spirit, she now serves to help others transform their own lives so they too can find their own sense of happiness, purpose and peace."

Shawna Lis, Founder/Blogger,

Kara Melendy Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"Hazel is a genuine, loving woman with a strong desire to help people stay optimistic throughout the ups and downs of life. Her Facebook page is filled with inspiration, and positive messages. Having her in my life has made a tremendous difference!"

Kara Melendy, Registered Professional Counsellor,

Beverley Golden Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"Hazel Fernandez has made it her mission to spread joy, positivity and love to as many people as possible. Her sincere intention to uplift and empower others makes her a powerful force for all that is good. Her growing tribe of Positive Chick supporters confirms that when given the opportunity, light always shines through and continues to show the way for others. I'm grateful to know Hazel and believe her work is both a refreshing change and an absolute necessity in today's world."

Beverley Golden, author, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie,

Connie Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“I really love having Positive Chick on my newsfeed, because she personally sends a positive message or ask if she can help you in some way. She not only sends out quotes she adds funny and/or meaningful videos which are all inspiring, especially if one's day isn't going so well it can definitely lift you up!”

- Connie

Rainy Lim Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"My experience connecting with Hazel has been very pleasant. She is full of energy, always ready to help and teach others. I feel comfortable talking to her, a passionate positive leader!"

- Rainy Lim, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner,

Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“I spent 30 minutes with Hazel and her words were the spark that I needed. I walked away with new clarity that I am forever grateful for.”


Nadia Caouette Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“Hazel is a very inspiring, positive and sparkling coach! She is also the founder of Positive Chick, a coaching business that motivates thousands of people everyday. The first time we start chatting together, we immediately connect. I really enjoy talking to her and she has a way to make you feel comfortable. It is really easy to open up to her, you can tell her anything. She will not judge you, instead she will provide help and support. She always take the time to talk to you, even if she is really busy. I love her energy! If you need a coach you will be in good hands with her.”

-Nadia Caouette xo

Maria Orlando Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"When you surround yourself with positive people as Hazel life takes on a different meaning. Her energyand charisma can reach you wherever you are in the world. This is her talent."

-Maria Orlando, Social Media Strategist/Blogger,

Svetlana Milusheva Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“I am so glad I know Hazel! She is always there when your need the powerful magic of being positive. Hazel empowers us toward a more positive outlook. She is simply amazing because she can help everyone who wants and tries to look at life with a different perspective."

-Svetlana Milusheva Founder of Smile Forever. Inspiration Everywhere

Susan De Lorenzo Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“Hazel Fernandez IS the Positive Chick! Despite having the same kind of ups and downs that life throws at all of us, she meets each day with the determination to shine her light in great coaching and inspiring each of us to change the lenses in our glasses to rose-colored! If I could, I would plug her in like a night light or humidifier in my home! Or maybe something more ionic that charges the air around me. I highly recommend keeping Hazel’s energy and positive vibe nearby in the many forms she offers. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and who you become in the process!”

-Susan De Lorenzo Life Design Coaching with Susan De Lorenzo

Tammy Tenison Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“Hazel is one of the most positive and encouraging people I know! She is truly a blessing and has helped me tremendously in my business and personal growth.”

-Tammy Tenison doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Jeanne Rogers Danks Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"Thank you Hazel for your positive mindset, your drive, and passion to inspire others to become successful in whatever we do! You've inspired me since the first time we spoke! You truly love what you do and it shines through!"

- Jeanne Rogers Danks

Michelle Rae Baumann Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

"Hazel's positive energy and openness to connect at the soul level is so captivating and inspiring! Hazel's compassion for another is so deep it inspires us to open up and share the positivity of ourselves, for the betterment of others and the world at large!"

-Michelle Rae Baumann, Life Coach

Samirah Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“Hazel, you truly have the gift and intuition to bring out the best in people; you know exactly what to say and u are thoughtful and sharp. You also are hilarious both in good times, mediocre times & bad times. I enjoyed our conversations. You are a gem! Stay positive! Xx”

- Samirah

Rebecca Arthur Testimonial | Spiritual Life Coach Montreal

“She is the owner of Positive Chick, a community that aims at empowering women from around the world to become more optimistic via positive content such as inspirational stories, good news articles, funny videos, and uplifting quotes. Hazel Fernandez believes that there are a lot of negativity and cynicism in the world, which hinder the individual's growth and development by making them lose their self-worth, purpose, dreams and vision. She believes in the total transformation from a shattered life to the happiest person!”

- Rebecca Arthur, Life Coach