5 Positive Ways to Thrive If You Are a Highly Sensitive Person


Are you a highly sensitive soul? I am. If you are like me, keep reading, soul sista! I know that I am highly sensitive growing up. But I didn’t know or have the language to express it. And it did not help when I was told to toughen up, be strong, learn how to defend myself from the bullies, Negative Neds and Nellies but it was as if I was always swimming against the current. But I learned how to cope and survived! Yes, ‘survive’ was the perfect word I used to described on how I was able to get through life because I didn’t have the tools and knowledge on how to thrive.

I spent years trying to understand what’s going on with myself and learn ways on how to cope, protect myself from my own ‘inner critic’, the negative energies around me, without any help from any professional. That’s when I found myself digging through books in the field of psychology, studying human behavior, trial and error and years of inner work. Now it’s my mission to share my journey so that I can help you thrive as well. There’s nothing wrong with being a highly sensitive person. That’s just how you and I roll. Below are five ways I use daily and encouraged my life coaching clients to use that brought positive transformation.

       1. Commit to Clearing Toxic Energies and Emotions.

There is nothing wrong with being highly sensitive. You don’t have to be melodramatic or be too emotional, either. Acceptance is key to finding the right balance and solutions to create a positive change in your  life. Resistance is not. “Remember, what you resist persists.”

    POSITIVE CHICK’s TIP: When you catch yourself being triggered by a nasty comment, negative feedback or whatever it is that sets your guns flying, pause. Breathe in slowly and ask yourself, “Was there an event in my past that need my attention?” “What lesson is this situation trying to teach me?” Dig deeper. Find what works for you- create a daily spiritual practice that keeps you grounded so you can build your inner strength muscles. Meditation can help you release toxic energies and emotions that are trying to bubble up in the surface. These emotions need healing. Feel every emotion that’s running through your body, don’t rush the process. Write your thoughts in a journal. Once you’re done, you’ll discover within you that there’s an inner peace, a sense of calm and being connected to your truth.

      2. Focus Your Attention to What Drains You, What Brings You Joy and Positive Energy.

Listen to what your body is telling you. This simply means that you have to pay attention to what you want to do and not do, who to say ‘yes’ to and who to say ‘no’ to. Be mindful with the vibe around you, how          you feel around others, or how their energy affects you. Use your inner knowing as a guide to bring you to the right path where you can be yourself, be alive, happy, and refill your Positive Chick Energy Tank

POSITIVE CHICK’s TIP: Learn how to say ‘NO’ and don’t apologize for it or feel guilty. Connect with your own emotions and let others process theirs. Your business is to focus on your own happiness and not pleasing others. Period.

    3. Be Mindful with Your Relationship Patterns (Self-Sabotage, Abusive, and Unhealthy Relationships)

I’ve talked to clients, my tribe members around the world who’s stuck in patterns that involves self-sabotage, women who had abusive and unhealthy relationships and showed them information that they simply     were not aware of. People who have no awareness of their true self-worth and has low self-esteem tend to attract partners who are either emotionally unavailable or too self-involved or narcissists. They may or not be aware of these patterns, probably they grew up in similar circumstances or went through traumatic experience. Take heart, soul sister; it is not your fault for not knowing the truth. It is okay. Don’t beat yourself up   or sulk in self-pity nor get into that victim mentality.

POSITIVE CHICK TIP: You are not victim. You can change your situation. You are not alone and everyone has their story that keeps them in the dark. What matters now is that you are aware. And you are open to creating a positive change that involves loving YOU, focus on what you want and become a better version of yourself. It is also crucial that you learn how to walk away from negative situations and negative people that no longer serve your highest good.

  4. Love Yourself

While it is true that relationships are far more complex, it is also a mirror in what’s going on in our inner world. When you are negative, complain a lot, talk bad about others, quick to judge yourself/others, guess what, you will also reflect that in your outside world. “What you sow, you will reap.”

POSITIVE CHICK’s TIP: Shift your focus to love, taking care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, have a disciplined spiritual practice through meditation, yoga, Pilates and feeding your thoughts with positive affirmations, increasing your vibration by staying positive no matter what situation you are in, then, you will see that you’ll soon find like-minded people who speaks your language, vibrate the same energy and soon enough you’ll attract your own tribe of Positive Chicks.

  5. Follow Your Own Path, Live Your Divine Purpose.

Congratulations on your path to creating and designing a life that brings love, health, fulfilling relationships and abundance! It is important that you stay committed and follow your own path that gives you time, balance, happiness, joy, peace, abundance, fulfillment and meaning. If you want to know more, book your FREE-30 minute Discovery Call now to see if we are a perfect fit.

POSITIVE CHICK’s TIP: Get absolutely clear with what you want to manifest in your life. Stay committed and don’t give up when you fall off the wagon of change. Be gentle with yourself. Note that the path to success and happiness is not a straight line or a smooth road. What is key to your progress is to keep going and have a positive outlook especially when you find yourself in challenging situations. Surround yourself with positive-minded people and connect with your (God/Universe) and follow your soul’s purpose.